166 day Europe itinerary review/reflections

Hi! I’m 78 days into a 166 day trip to Europe from New Zealand with my girlfriend. I basically wrote this down because it’s a rainy day in Treviso and I thought you might be interested in reading it (and hopefully giving some recommendations for the upcoming destinations). Cheers!

Days 1-3 London – jetlag buffer

Days 3-5 Bristol – see friends

Days 5-7 Brighton – see friends

Days 7-12 London – see friends

Days 12-13 Malaga – brief, transit

Days 13-16 Sevilla – see brother

Days 16-18 Malaga – meh

Days 18-22 Polopos – highlight

Days 22-23 Malaga – brief, transit

Days 23-26 Cologne – meh

Days 26-28 Neu Eckel – relatives

Days 28-30 Hamburg – relatives

Days 30-34 Neu Eckel – rest/planning

Days 34-38 Wroclaw – highlight

Days 38-42 Szklarska Poreba – interesting..

Days 42-47 Prague – nice but shoulder to shoulder tourism

Days 47-51 Vienna – nice but similar to several previous cities

Days 51-56 Budapest (Sziget) – highlight

Days 56-58 Zagreb – meh

Days 58-60 Split – cool but packed

Days 60-65 Stari Grad – highlight

Days 65-68 Jelsa – highlight

Days 68-74 Makarska – meh, tourist town, planning/rest

Days 74-76 Split – transit

Days 76-77 Venice – very nice

Days 77-79 Treviso – surprisingly nice

That brings us to now. Upcoming is:

Days 79-89 Morocco (Fez -> Merzouga -> Marrakech proposed)

Days 89-99 Greece (island hopping proposed)

Days 99-100 Brussels

Days 100-102 Lille

Days 102-104 Manchester

Days 104-110 unknown (Ireland?)

Days 110-120 Iceland

Days 120-? Denmark

Phew, flights planned up to there. Will have 15 Schengen days left by the time we land in Denmark, though New Zealand’s bilateral agreements may widen our possibilities.

Very open to suggestions and feedback for the trip ahead! Also I started out by writing a detailed description for each place but I ended up flagging that because it seemed too airy fairy. I also have a daily expense report I’ve recorded down to the nearest cent if anyone is interested! Have aimed to keep to trip under $10,000 NZD ($6,500 USD) overall and look to be sticking to that budget so far. Have stayed in a mixture of airbnbs/hostels/relatives/friends places. Ah also I’m vegan so can recommend some good vegan eats.


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