Expanding a Belgium+Holland trip

Dear fellow travellers. I have about 4 weeks of vacation, and am planning a trip around Holland and Belgium, with Paris thrown into the mix for good fun. Though i prefer to take it easy and avoid rushing too much from destination to destination, i still feel like i could expand my itinerary a bit without being too rushed. I would appreciate any and all advice on additional destinations.

I have not yet made any purchase on tickes, lodging, etc. so my options are fairly open yet, though i am beginning to feel the pressure to act very soon!

**Mode of travel**

I will be travelling most of the way by train (which unfortunately is expensive), backpacking my way from city to city, and any additional destinations will have to fit somewhat « naturally » into the « path » as specified below.

In particular, the end destinations (currently Amsterdam and Paris) should preferably have good airport connections, as i will have to take the plane to/from these places.

I 30 years old, male, and excersize regularly. I will be travelling solo.


I plan to depart from Copenhagen around the 20-21/7, and have to return 17-18/8, and have tentative check-in and check out dates as follows:

City | Check in | Check out
**City** | **Check in** | **Check out**
Amsterdam | 21/7 | 27/7
The Hague | 27/7 | 29/7
Rotterdam | 29/7 | 31/7
Antwerpen | 31/7 | 2/8
Gent | 2/8 | 4/8
Bruxelles | 4/8 | 7/8
Paris | 7/8| 17/8

This gives approximately 6 days in Amsterdam and 9 days in Paris, and my thinking is that i could cut a day from each, maybe two, to fit in another destination.

I thought about maybe starting out in Hamburg instead and spending a few days there, though i do feel like it’s a bit far from Amsterdam. Another idea could be to expand a bit more into France, e.g. Lille, Nantes, etc.

I am definitely also open for changes to above specified cities as a whole.


Barring anything extravagant, budget is not that big an issue. Travel in Europe is of course not cheap, so the trip will be expensive enough as it is, i would prefer not increase the price any further.


Though it feels like a no-brainer, i love visiting museums and getting to know the culture, history and feel of the cities/countries. As mentioned before, i prefer to explore the cities in a somewhat relaxed manner, though i do get claustrophobic in smaller cities, if i have to stay too long without having much to do.

I love outdoor activities like hiking and the like, but have no specialized equipment, nor outstanding experience so any activity would have to take this into account (the most « extreme » thing i’ve done travelling, is walking up Ben Nevis).


Of course, any other advice you have regarding « must sees », interesting activities, ideas for making it all more budget friendly, etc. are ALL very welcome. I am not a well versed traveller, so literally nothing is obvious to me.

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