I won an interrail ticket! Please recommend me your favourite european destination?

hey guys, i’m not sure how well known this is even in europe but the EU gives away a few thousand interrail tickets to people who turned 18 that year and took part in their competition. For a long time i was on the waiting list but recently i won one anyways!

Now for the problem, i really can’t make up my mind on where to go. I have the possibility to travel between June 24th and July 17th, starting in The Netherlands and mostly travelling by train. I will have 7 travel days.

I’ve mostly visited the capitals of countries in the past (Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Berlin, London, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Paris, Rome, Dublin, Brussels) and some other cities like Bergen, Düsseldorf, Lille, Antwerp and Strasbourg.

In the first week i will be travelling with my boyfriend who doesn’t have an interrail pass and we were thinking about visiting Heidelberg and Prague or Paris and things around Paris.
For the second two weeks i first thought i could travel all the way through Norway from the south to Lofoten and then south through Finland but maybe that’s a bit ambitious especially without a car (i don’t have my drivers license yet)
I also thought about taking the train to Edinburgh (i believe that would be a 10 hour journey though 🙁 ) And then maybe going camping in the Highlands. But i’ve decided i should also save that trip for when i’m able to drive. So i basically have no plan at all and just can’t seem to make up my mind.

Which place(s) in Europe would you recommend to visit by train to an 18 years old female solo-traveller?

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