Aller au travail avec le sourire !

5 ways to create a good atmosphere in the office.

As surprising as it may seem at first glance, there are people who are happy to go to work and meet their colleagues.

However, when we work all week on the same schedules, it is not always easy to find the motivation to get up in the morning.

A friendly office environment is essential to increase the productivity of your employees and will also create good group cohesion.

Here are 5 tips for employers and employees to bring gaiety to the traditional 9h / 17h.

  • Say « Hello » to your colleagues, with a smile, every morning.

It may seem obvious, but when the clock did not ring, we spent half an hour looking for his keys and that we were caught in traffic jams, sometimes we arrive at work stressed before the day has not really begun. Let’s not forget that a smile is communicative and it’s the best way to restart the day.

  • In the lineage, learn to listen to the answer to the machinal « How are you? « .

Even if it is unlikely that your colleague will spontaneously answer you « it’s not going well, I’m getting divorced », it’s important to make him feel that you’re interested in his well-being and that you’re open to a discussion a little deeper than that usually held near the coffee machine if necessary.

  • Decorate and arrange the premises.

Working in an office with white walls is not really motivating. Creating a common relaxation area, with a sofa and a kettle, putting plants and why not a nice design furniture are all small ideas to feel good in the workplace.

  • Organize convivial moments.

Meeting for a drink after work or sharing a lunch regularly with your colleagues will allow you to get to know each other better and to create links in a less formal space than at the office.

When working as a team, it is important to weld the group so that everyone feels comfortable and confident.

  • Listen to your employees

Pour créer une bonne atmosphère au travail, il faut également que les collaborateurs se sentent écoutés et mis en valeur. Il est plus motivant pour les employés de se voir attribuer des tâches dans lesquelles leur créativité sera exploitée mais il faut pour cela apprendre à connaître leurs points forts. Discuter régulièrement avec eux et faire le point sur leurs motivations et ambitions est le meilleur moyen d’augmenter la productivité de votre entreprise.

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